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Whitemarsh Hall - The Estate of Edward T. Stotesbury

"Whitemarsh Hall", known as the "Versailles of America", was one of the largest and most exquisite estates in North America. Edward Townsend Stotesbury commissioned renowned architect Horace Trumbauer to build the 147-room mansion in 1916 on 300-acres just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Stotesbury made his money as a financier and senior partner in Drexel & Company and J.P. Morgan & Company, and was one of the wealthiest Philadelphian's in the early part of the 20th century. He lived a relatively conservative lifestyle until his second wife, Lucretia "Eva" Roberts Cromwell, showed him how to spend his wealth. "Whitemarsh Hall", which took five years to build at an estimated cost of $10 million with all the furnishings, was part of his wedding present to her.

This book will take you through "Whitemarsh Hall's" construction, its heyday in the 1920's, the multiple impacts of the Depression, Stotesbury's death in 1938, and subsequent industrial and private ownership over the next four decades, culminating in its eventual submission to decay, vandalism, and the wrecking ball in 1980. A final chapter portrays a residential development afterlife and the few remaining artifacts from a Gilded Age when men like Edward T. Stotesbury built extravagant monuments to reflect their wealth and social position.

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Springfield Township, Montgomery County

Springfield Township, Montgomery County, adjoins the city of Philadelphia on its northern border. The township's six-plus square miles, originally established as "Penn's Manor of Springfield", was a gift from William Penn to his wife, Gulielma Maria Springett, c. 1681. This historic township was home to a major stagecoach line and its associated taverns and inns, considerable activity during the Revolutionary War, summertime residences of Philadelphia's wealthy, and subsequent post-World War II development as a burgeoning community just over the Philadelphia border.

Springfield Township's rich history is pictorially represented with a number of previously unpublished photographs from the township historical society, and wonderful private collections. In these pages, travel through the early colonial and farming settlements of the township's original settlers, the turbulence of the Revolutionary War, the arrival of the iron horse, the excitement of White City Amusement Park, the rise and fall of the great mansions and estates, and the explosion of new development as city residents and businesses moved out to the suburbs.

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Battle of Edge Hill CD Cover

Battle of Edge Hill / Whitemarsh Encampment Audio Tour CD -
This CD, created by Mrs. Peggy Zehner's 2009-2010 Advanced Placement US History Class at Springfield Township High School, narrates the story of the Battle of Edgehill, also known as the Whitemarsh Encampment, fought from Dec. 5-8, 1777, in Springfield, Abington, and Whitemarsh townships. The story, told in skits with sound effects and period music, is meant to be played in a car and will direct you to each location as well as tell you what happened there.

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Inns of Bethlehem Pike booklet

The Inns of Bethlehem Pike booklet -
This booklet, researched and written by Springfield High School student Jenny Uehling, gives an overview of the Inns and Taverns located along the "King's Highway" during the 1700s and 1800s. It is 20 pages long, and includes 14 old and new pictures.

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The Black Horse Inn by Sally Yates Whitemarsh Hall, the Stotesbury Estate by Sally Yates Guildford, the Wharton Sinkler Estate by Sally Yates The Springfield Mill by Sally Yates
Limited edition 9 x 12 prints of Springfield township historical interest - The Black Horse Inn, Whitemarsh Hall - the Stotesbury estate, Guildford - The Wharton Sinkler estate, and The Springfield Mill are available exclusively through STHS. These beautiful prints are hand-signed and numbered by local artist Sally Yates.

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Beautiful 6 inch square ceramic tiles feature images of Whitemarsh Hall, the Black Horse Inn and the Springfield Mill from line drawings by noted local artist, Sally Yates. (See prints above.) The tiles have a cork back and a hanger so they can either be used as a trivet or hung as a decoration. The images are in black on white tiles.

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Set of 12 Notecards featuring Sally Yates artwork (above) printed in black on ivory notecard stock with envelopes. They are available in a set of 3 each of the 4 above prints, or as a single set of 12 of the Black Horse Inn.

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Map of Springfield 1877

1877 Springfield Map printed in color on parchment-like paper.
An unframed map measures approximately 15 1/2 inches wide by 18 1/2 inches high.

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